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Frequently Asked Questions...

General Information

Where are you located?
45 Industrial Park Road, Hingham, MA.
Go to our Location Page to get door-to-door driving instructions.
What are your hours?
Monday through Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm
What is your fax number?
FAX: 781-749-8573
Do you accept credit cards?

Sending Files

Can I send my files to you via FTP?
Absolutely! Use our browser based file transfer utility located HERE. This will allow you to upload your file(s) directly to your own private folder on our server. We check for new submissions at regular intervals and will e-mail you a receipt when we get your file(s).
Can I e-mail you my PLOT, PDF or TIFF files?
Yes. You may e-mail files up to 10mb in size. Simply attach the file to your e-mail document. Our e-mail address for file submissions is:
Do you accept "zipped" or "stuffed" files?
Yes. Compressing your file(s) into a zip file (or "stuffed", sit file) will reduce file size and simplify the process of sending multiple files (fonts, images, etc.) by zipping them into one file.
Can I download proofs from my account folder?
Yes. Once you login to your account you may download any files in your folder.

Graphic Files

What's the difference between Raster and Vector images?
On a computer monitor, images are nothing more than variously colored pixels. Certain kinds of image file formats record images literally in terms of the pixels to display. These are Raster Images, and you can edit them only by altering the pixels directly with a bitmap editor. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro are two of the most popular bitmap editors.
Vector Image files record images descriptively, in terms of geometric shapes. These shapes are converted to bitmaps for display on the monitor. Vector images are easier to modify, because the components can be moved, resized, rotated, or deleted independently. PostScript is a popular vector format for printing.

Local Town Maps

Can you fax me a town map?
Yes. However, because fax machines use standard paper, the size is limited to 8.5" x 11".
What town maps do you have?
We have Assessors maps for: Bridgewater, Cohasset, East Bridgewater, Hanover, Hingham, Hull, Norwell (including Norwell Wetlands & Topographic), Pembroke and Rockland.
(see local town maps page)

CAD Information

Can you print drawing or plot files?
PDF files (*.pdf) are our preferred format. When saving your drawing to a PDF file, the font and pen set data is automatically embedded into the resulting PDF file -- thus eliminating the need to include additional font and pen set data files.

The OCE 9800 printer driver can be downloaded HERE from

How should I save my AutoCAD files so that you can plot them?
AutoCAD drawing files (.dwg) should be saved as PDF files (.pdf). The resulting PDF file will embed all the information we need (pen sets, etc.) to properly print your drawing.
What kind of Plotter do you use?
The OCE 9800. This is a state of the art, high speed digital printer, copier and scanner that produces sharp 400 dpi prints and images. The OCE 9800 is compatible with the HP750c and OCE ADI driver.
Can you scan large documents?
Yes. We can scan documents up to 36" wide and 20 ft. long. If I have an architectural drawing scanned and saved as a Group W TIFF, can I bring that file into AutoCAD and manipulate it? No. A TIFF file is a raster image. (see FAQ above). AutoCAD requires a VECTOR file in order to manipulate the drawing components.
At what resolution can you scan large documents?
The OCE 9800 can scan documents at 400 dpi or 200 dpi.
Can you scan a document so that it's MAC compatible?
Yes, as an uncompressed TIFF image.
When you scan large documents, what file formats can you save them as?
Scanned documents can be saved as:
-- CALS group IV
-- TIFF group IV
-- TIFF group III
-- TIFF PackBits -
-- TIFF uncompressed
-- Adobe PDF